How do I qualify for moving to the Texas Masonic Retirement Center?

  • Must be a widow of a Texas Master Mason.
  • A widow must be married to a Master Mason for three or more years.
  • The Mason must have been a member of a Texas lodge, in good standing (all dues paid), for five years prior to the date of his death.
  • The widow must be in good health and capable of self-care.
  • If a widow has been married more than once, her last husband must have been a Texas Master Mason in good standing for five years prior to the date of his death.
  • In exchange for payment of all expenses, for the remainder of a widow’s life, all assets must be given to Masonic Home and School of Texas.
  • The widow must meet all requirements of the Texas Masonic Retirement Center.
  • Approval is based on need and the ability to live independently.

The ultimate determination will be by Masonic Home and School of Texas, in its sole discretion.

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