Assisting Widows

Helping Widows of Texas Master Masons is a tremendous legacy carried out by Masonic Children & Family Services of Texas for more than 110 years.  We are proud to offer full care for ladies in our program; Including meals, accommodations, activities and many other amenities to qualified widows, in partnership with the Texas Masonic Retirement Center in Arlington, Texas.


Ladies who may take advantage of the MCFS opportunity for placement at the Texas Masonic Retirement Center must meet a few eligibility requirements. She must be a widow of a Texas Master Mason. The Mason must have been a member of a Texas lodge, in good standing (all dues paid), for five years prior to the date of his death. She must be in good health and capable of self-care.

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Texas Masonic Retirement Center offers beautiful, relaxing accommodations amid 100 acres of sweeping grassland, wildflowers, and a century-old pecan orchard in Arlington, Texas. You’ll enjoy quiet country living or fill your days with countless activities, knowing your privacy is respected and your independence is honored. Placement at TMRC through our widows program is based on need.

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If you or a loved one are interested in taking advantage of our MCFS widows program, we would love to speak with you. We anticipate you will have questions about or total asset turnover process, and we would enjoy learning more about your needs. You can call us directly at 817.503.1502 or contact us via email.