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Masonic Children & Family Services of Texas partners with charitable organizations, medical professionals and educational facilities to provide safety, comfort, food, shelter, healthcare and educational services–basic needs every child and family deserves. Our services include, but are not limited to funding for: food, clothing and family services; medical, dental and prescription services; counseling, psychological services and autism therapy; school supplies, tutoring and career counseling; case management and referral services for children, families and agencies. MCFS staff work to ensure that each applicant’s needs are assessed and reviewed on an individual basis. We can also provide information and referral services for all Texas children and families.

Masonic Home and School of Texas has been upholding our legacy of helping underserved children and Texas Masonic widows with great pride for more than a century. Starting in January 2019, we will continue to fulfill that mission under a new name that more clearly explains how we help those in our community – Masonic Children & Family Services of Texas. The generosity of Texas Masons and a wide range of individuals, businesses, and foundations make our programs possible.


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