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Nothing brightens the world quite like a child’s smile!

Now is a perfect time for your lodge to join the Fantastic Teeth Fan Club program. Texas Masons are key to the Fantastic Teeth Fan Club’s continued success.
The Fantastic Teeth Fan Club program was created to provide dental hygiene education and tools to Texas first graders (and their parents) in an effort to positively impact the oral health epidemic in our state. Tooth decay is the most chronic illness among school-age children. Almost 6 out of 10 children have a history of dental decay, and half of those are left untreated.

Through the Fantastic Teeth Fan Club program, each Texas Masonic Lodge is eligible for up to 300 free tooth decay prevention kits each year to be used for first grade students in their community. MCFS staff coordinates with local schools and provides the dental kits to Masonic Lodges, who assemble and distribute the kits to the schools. We would love to have your lodge as part of the team!



What People Are Saying About Our Program

Butch Murden, Irving Lodge member, said, “This is a fantastic program. Today, we helped 160 kids learn the proper way to care for their teeth and even this old man learned a thing or two. This is truly a great program that will benefit many kids.”

“Teachers tell us children are delighted with their prevent tooth decay kits.” John Ringhauser, principal at Davis Elementary said, “I heard one little boy say, ‘Now, I have my own toothbrush.”

Please give us a call at 1.877.203.9111 or complete the form if your lodge is interested in participating in Fantastic Teeth Fan Club.