MCFS Holiday Newsletter

Masonic Children & Family Services of Texas • 1240 Keller Parkway, Suite 200 • Keller, TX 76248 Please make a gift this holiday season to help those less fortunate. Our Child and Family program has assisted thousands of people in urgent need due to job or income loss caused by the pandemic. For some struggling families, school closures have left them with shrinking childcare options forcing them to leave their jobs to care for their children. The inability to buy food or pay essential household bills can be catastrophic. Understandably, rates of anxiety and depression have jumped dramatically. Due to mandatory business closures, our Parent Autism Training program faced significant challenges. MCFS has a valued partnership with the Child Study Center in Fort Worth. They, too, had to temporarily close their doors, which meant children with autism couldn’t receive the therapies they need to assist with behavioral health. Visit this link for a Sharable PDF of this Newsletter! MAY THE NEW YEAR BRING YOU AN ABUNDANCE OF BEAUTIFUL MOMENTS, AMAZING OPPORTUNITIES and joyful experiences!