MCFS Holiday Newsletter

A look at 2020… THE BAD: What a year it’s been around the globe. As Texans, we have become accustomed to unpredictable weather, but this year brought destruction worldwide. We experienced severe storms, more named hurricanes than we can remember, flash flooding, fires leaving devastation, and destruction from the west coast to Australia to the Brazilian rain forests. An election year like no other has presented countless hours of political ads as candidates battle for positions. March brought more devastating news with the announcement that a new coronavirus had surfaced, and before we knew it, we were amid a global COVID-19 pandemic. Millions have suffered medical hardship, job loss, and devastating financial burdens – for many families, the struggle is ongoing. THE GOOD: While 2020 has been the most challenging year in decades, there have been some bright spots. As we grow accustomed to our new normal, we have seen a resurgence of old favorite pastimes. Drive-in movies have made a come-back, and drive-in concerts are becoming commonplace. Restaurants are sharing their popular recipes to maintain connections with loyal customers. In some ways, the pandemic has caused us to appreciate things we’ve taken for granted. We have discovered that puzzles and board games are still fun at home and family time has become treasured again. We are walking more, biking more, and gardening more. We are gaining a renewed appreciation for our community, our neighbors, and our loved ones. We are stepping up to help people who desperately need it. MCFS is proud to be a part of this movement to make life brighter for others. LOOKING FORWARD TO 2021 Save the Dates! We have two great fundraising events planned and hope to see you there. SPONSORSHIPS FOR BOTH EVENTS ARE AVAILABLE! Concert tickets go on sale January 2, 2021 at Hotel discounts for out of town guests for the concert will be available. Visit our website and follow us on Facebook for more updates. Contact for more info. Join us for food, live music, complimentary cigar, craft beer, silent auction & raffle. OCTOBER 16, 2021 • 7PM Cowtown Brewing, Fort Worth or contact Sandy Shelby Lawrence, Director ofDevelopment at 817-503-1510 or For more info visit Help Raise Funds for Children in Need A benefit concert for Masonic Children & Family Services of Texas • Headliner • Creed Fisher May 15, 2021 • 7-10pm • opening act • Shaker hymns OCTOBER 16 MAY 15