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The Fantastic Teeth Fan Club, a program created by Masonic Home and School of Texas (MHS) to help children and parents learn to prevent painful dental problems and avoid expensive treatment, exceeded all expectations. Thousands of children across Texas have received free prevent tooth decay kits. The tremendous success of this program depends on Masonic Lodges launching this service in their community with free kits from MHS. Lodge members assemble the kits and deliver them to participating schools. MHS coordinates with local schools and provides press releases about the project to local news organizations.

The Fantastic Teeth Fan Club began as a pilot program of Masonic Home and School of Texas (MHS) in the spring of 2010, and since that time has reached more than 492,463 children across the state.

Now is the time to get your lodge involved! Masonic Lodge members are a key factor in the program’s continued success.

Getting started is easy! Call 1.877.203.9111 ~ Email us or Sign Up online now

MHS provides 300 free kits per Lodge for first graders in the community.
Schools are contacted by MHS for approval and scheduling of kit delivery. Masonic Lodge members stuff the kits and deliver them to the school. Some schools also allow Lodge members to host a “How To Have Healthy Teeth” lesson for the children.
Through the Fantastic Teeth Fan Club, MHS provides these kits, at no charge, to interested Masonic Lodges. Your lodge involvement will be recognized with a Brighter Futures certificate and on the MHS website. Lodges or individual Masons may also be recognized in MHS and Masonic publications.

What People Are Saying About Our Program

Butch Murden, Irving Lodge member, said, “This is a fantastic program. Today, we helped 160 kids learn the proper way to care for their teeth and even this old man learned a thing or two. This is truly a great program that will benefit many kids.”

“Teachers tell us children are delighted with their prevent tooth decay kits.” John Ringhauser, principal at Davis Elementary said, “I heard one little boy say, ‘Now, I have my own toothbrush.”

Please give us a call at 1.877.203.9111 or email us if your lodge is interested in participating in Fantastic Teeth Fan Club.